What’s the Worst Thing a Distressed Tehachapi Homeowner Can Do?

by Sally Lawrence

Foreclosure alternatives are your  life-preserverThere’s a pretty simple answer to the title question.  What is the worst thing a distressed Tehachapi homeowner can do? Nothing!  Yeah, that’s the worst thing.

Then why do so many folks that are struggling with a mortgage they can no longer afford on a house that is worth less than they owe do exactly nothing?  Good question.  That’s the one we’re going to work on today.

I think it starts with how they got into that position.  Whether it was a job loss, medical issues, a domestic crisis, or any of a number of other hardships really doesn’t matter.  Any of those life-changing events can trigger all the emotional responses that have someone imitating an ostrich.  You know, sticking your head in the sand so that you don’t see what’s going on around you.

Do you know anyone like that?  I know lots of people in that situation.  Maybe your situation is something like Miranda’s.  For her, it started with one thing that went wrong and she missed a payment on the mortgage.  She believed everything would be straightened out by the following month and she could make it up.  When Miranda  called the bank after she had missed the second payment  to try and work out something, she was met with indifference and a total lack of sympathy for her situation.

Since the lender didn’t seem to care and wasn’t willing to do anything for her, Miranda figured she was just stuck with losing her dream home.  It didn’t help that the lawyer she talked to after she received a Notice of Default (NOD) from the bank told her the best thing she could do was let it go back to the bank!  (That’s really about the last thing to do — not the first!)

Here’s where I entered the picture.  I scour the internet choosing certain homeowners that have already received an NOD from their lender.  I contact them in an effort to discuss alternatives to foreclosure and try to help sort out other solutions.  That’s how I met Miranda.  After I had contacted her 3 or 4 times in the course of a month, she finally called back to see what other choices she had.

Don’t make the same mistake Miranda did.  You already know if you have missed a one or more mortgage payments.  Unless the situation that caused you to miss payments has changed, you will eventually receive a Notice of Default from the lender.

The longer you wait to explore your options, the fewer options you have.  There are at least a dozen ways to avoid foreclosure.  Did you know that?  Want to find out what they are?  Don’t wait to hear from the lender, take action now!  Click here to sign up for a no-c0st, no-obligation, completely confidential opportunity to discover your foreclosure alternatives.  For even faster service, call 661.375.REAL, that’s 661.375.7325 or email today.

Thanks for reading this,

Sally Lawrence


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