Tehachapi Short Sales: Are Lenders So Desperate They Will Accept Any Offer?

by Sally Lawrence

Tehachapi CA – Have you heard the following myths about short sales?

Myth #1: You can buy short sales for dirt cheap and then turn around and resell them for a profit.

Myth #2: Foreclosures, Short Sales, and Bank Owned Homes can be bought for 30 to 50 cents on the dollar with no money down.

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Myth #3: Lenders will accept any short sale offer even if it is for only 50% of what the home is worth. After all, they don’t want a foreclosure on their books.

These myths are just not true. Lenders are willing to foreclosure on properties. They have entire departments handle the sale of properties that they have foreclosed on.

Another foreclosure is nothing for them to fear. At the same time, they do prefer short sales. Short Sales are known to reduce a lender’s loss compared to a foreclosure.

Lenders have high paid actuaries who have run the numbers and proved that short sales are less expensive for the lender than foreclosures. That means the lenders take a pragmatic approach on short sales.

Lenders want to make sure that the short sale offer isn’t lower than what the home would sell if they foreclosed on it.  That is why they order an appraisal before accepting the offer.

They won’t agree to a sale if the offer is for substantially less than the appraised value. If the offer is 5% lower than the appraisal, then they might accept it.

If an offer is substantially less, then the lender will ask the buyer to raise their offer to the appraised value.

Another thing lenders check before approving a short sale is that they aren’t approving a short sale for someone that is able to afford their home.  They don’t want to lose money on a short sale when they can make money when the person repays the loan.

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